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Do you ever wonder if a stock is going to go up or down? Don't we all!

There is a whole field of study, known as "technical analysis" that focuses on trying to find clues as to whether a stock is likely to go up or down based on its past stock chart behaviour. In fact, there are companies, such as Recognia based solely on doing stock chart analysis. Nobody claims to be able to predict accurately or reliably. But if you can predict right more often than wrong, you are already winning. It's comparable to being able to calculate your odds optimally in an online casino. So long as your calculations are better than others, over the long run, you win.

The field of technical analysis has many players in it. Personally, I'm trying to figure out, for my own purposes, how much merit there is to technical analysis. So I decided to build a something where people who profess to be skilled at technical analysis can test their skills.

How the game works

When playing Chartgame, the computer will present you with a random historical stock chart of an actual large cap (S&P 500) security, without telling you which company and time period the chart represents.

You are then given the opportunity to reveal the stock chart one day at a time, selecting to "buy" or "sell" the stock at various times. After a maximum of one year is played for the security, the actual name of the company, and what time period the graph was for is revealed, and you move on to another stock chart for an unknown company and time period.

You are rated on how much profit you made over the days you were invested.

The computer compares you to a strategy of "buy and hold" on the stocks played. Your goal is to beat that.

More about how to play Chartgame can be found on the Help page

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